16-17 February | Marsden Cove Marina

2018 Rules & Regulations


  1. All contestants Senior and Junior must each have completed an entry form and made full payment of the entry fee.
  2. The entry form is an invitation to treat by the organiser. Sending in the entry form and fee does not guarantee entry but constitutes an offer to compete in the competition under the organisers rules. Entry to the competition is at the discretion of the competition organiser and will only be complete when accepted by the organiser. If entry is refused, the entry fee will be refunded.
  3. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the registration of any contestant whose conduct in their opinion is contrary to the spirit in which the fishing competition is run. The decision of the organisers in this matter is final. No refunds will be given.
  4. Registration constitutes acceptance of the Rules and Regulations covering the competition, and all contestants agree to abide by the organisers and judges decisions.
  5. All contestants must come to the event office at the marquee, Marsden Cove Marina to collect their AWOP wrist band, official competition t-shirt and cap. Parents may collect Junior contestants packs on their behalf.
  6. Your AWOP wristband must be worn while fishing and the duration of the event. You are not required to wear your t-shirt or cap while fishing its best to keep these clean for prize giving, extras are available for purchase.
  7. Fishing starts 5.01am Friday 16th Feb 2018 and closes at 3:59pm Saturday 17th February 2018
  8. Fishing will be with rods and reels only. Kontikis, kites, nets, spear guns and long lines are not permitted.
  9. The permitted fishing areas are limited to those shown in Map A. The organiser's reserve the right to change the permitted fishing areas without explanation and contestants will be notified of any such change at the prior weigh-in.

    Beach Fishing Contestants- All coastlines extending from Bream Tail, to Homepoint at Whangaruru (including Whangarei Harbour), but with the exception of prohibited areas as shown on Maps A & B. Land based fishing from any of the outer islands is classed as boat fishing. Please use access points to the beach that are already established. Competition organiser's prefer you to walk onto the beach, but if you must take a vehicle onto the beach you must have a fire extinguisher with you, do not exceed 50kmh and please use common sense. The Department of Conservation have several fenced-off areas along the beach that are breeding grounds for our native birds, so please respect these out-of-bound areas, and follow any D.O.C. staff instructions. The Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving Club patrol Bream Bay Beach and will have a flagged section of the beach for swimmers - fishers please stay well clear of these areas and where there are surfers or swimmers. Glass is not allowed on the beach. Marshalls will be patrolling the beach fishing zone.

    Boat FIshing Contestants - Must stay within the boundaries of Bream Tail out to (and including) Sail Rock, the Hen and Chicken Islands and the 100m contour line around the Mokahinau Islands, extending across to Homepoint at Whangaruru. Also incorporates Whangarei Harbour. Note the reserves that are prohibited fishing areas as shown on Map B - Reotahi and Onerahi It is the SKIPPERS RESPONSIBILITY to ensure they only take the vessel out in conditions that are appropriate to both the type of vessel and your own skill level.

  10. Cheating results in instant disqualification, and those caught will be banned from any future competitions organised by the competition organiser. Contestants must be prepared to be interviewed regarding their catch. Fishing within the prohibited areas (see Map B) will also result in disqualification
  11. Before beginning fishing it is each anglers responsibility to ensure that they understand all the rules. If in doubt ask the officials as no warning will be given for breach of rules. Any contestant who commits a breach of the rules shall be disqualified. Failure to comply with an officials request will be deemed a breach of the rules and the contestant will risk immediate disqualification.

    It is the SKIPPERS RESPONSIBILITY: To ensure they only take the vessel out in conditions that are appropriate to both the type of vessel and your own skill level.

    Map of the permitted fishing area

    *The organiser’s reserve the right to change the permitted fishing areas without explanation and contestants will be notified of any such change at the prior weigh-in.


  1. Weigh in times:  
    2.00pm to 5.00pm Friday 16th February 2018  
    1.00pm to 4.00pm Saturday 17th February 2018
  2. Contestants must be in the queue with their fish at Weigh Station closing times to qualify for weigh in. You MUST have your AWOP wristband with you, you can not weigh your fish without it.
  3. There is one weigh station: Marsden Cove Marina - see Map C
  4. Fish inspection will be carried out at every weigh in. Only legal, healthy fish will be accepted and the organisers reserve the right to reject any fish presented. Please keep your fish iced and in good condition.
  5. All fishing prize winners are determined by computer weigh in.
  6. If two or more fish of equal weight become eligible for any prize, the first fish weighed will be the winner.
  7. Prizes are offered and are not redeemable for cash
  8. No prizes will be issued without proof of identity; contestants MUST wear their competition t-shirt & cap and AWOP wristband during Prize Giving. You risk disqualification if you do not have your AWOP wristband. Lost AWOP wristbands can be replaced at a cost of $20.
  9. Prizes become the responsibility of the contestant once they receive them
  10. All weighed fish, and donated un-weighed fish, will be sold and with all profits going to charities.
  11. Contestants are responsible for attending prize giving to learn if they have won any manner of prize.
  12. Prizes for weighed fish not claimed during prize giving must be collected from the event office no later than midday Sunday 18th February otherwise are forfeited.
  13. Contestants must be present for spot prizes or drawn prizes, otherwise a redraw will happen.
  14. The competition organizes decision is final and binding on all contestants.


  1. If you have any queries regarding regulations, please contact your local MPI Fisheries Officer.
  2. All fish must be of legal size and each angler is restricted to the MPI Fisheries regulations applying on that day
  3. Only the following are eligible as competition fish:

Below is the daily limit that that you can weigh for competition entries and submit for the Measure & Photo section, however any additional fish you have caught that you wish to donate to our registered charities, can be handed in a the weigh station. All fish taken at the weigh station are sold at auction and 100% of the profits going to charity.

Species Daily Limit Minimum Size
Snapper 1 30cm
Kingfish 1 75cm
Trevally 1 25cm
Kahawai 1  
John Dory 1  


Refer to the Measurement Section brochure included in your angler pack for details on how to use the measure card, download the app and measure your fish.

All Measure entries must be submitted via the app, or email to by close of weigh in. If you are having trouble using the app you can submit your photos via email to , you must include the anglers full name and AWOP wrist band number if emailing.


If a call is made for "stop fishing" at any time throughout the competition, it is the fishers responsibility to listen to VHF reports from Coastguard. Or you can text the competition organisers if unsure (). Stop fishing applies to all contestants regardless of category. Because the Century Batteries Beach & Boat is unusual in that it allows 24hr fishing, only fish caught up to "stop fishing" call are eligible for that days weigh in.


The Century Batteries Beach & Boat base is a licensed premise and like all other licensed premises, BYO is not allowed. Liquor will not be allowed to be taken into the marquee or other areas of the venue. Marsden Cove Marina area has a total liquor ban, this includes carparks, inside & outside your vehicle, open areas, footpaths & roading. Please respect this rule - confiscation is unpleasant for everyone. Drunken or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated - you will risk disqualification and ejection from the event. We encourage responsible consumption of alcohol. Minors must be fully supervised by their parent or legal guardian. Children 14yrs and under must leave the venue after prize giving each night.


All contestants agree to observe the competition regulations and bylaws, including the Northland Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2001. The following are 4 main points to note:
Bylaw 2.1.1 Personal Flotation Device
No person in charge of a pleasure craft may use it or allow it to be used unless it carries as many flotation devices as there are people on board, the devices to be of the right size for every person on board.
Bylaw 2.7 Prohibited Anchorages
No person may anchor or moor any vessel within any prohibited anchorages (some are shown in our maps provided).
Bylaw 2.11.1 Damage to Navigation Aids
No person may tie a vessel to any bouy, beacon, or other device or structure erected as a navigation aid or warning.
Bylaw 3.2.1 Speed of Vessels
No person may propel a vessel (incl. a vessel towing a person or some object) at a proper speed exceeding 5 knots:

  1. Within 50 metres of another vessel; or
  2. Within 200 metres of shore.
Copies of the full Bylaw will be available at the venue and the Northland Regional Council will be patrolling the harbour and Bream Bay.
Contestants operating their vessels during the hours of darkness must observe the Maritime NZ rule, part 22 Collision Prevention, requiring all vessels to carry and show navigation and anchoring lights at all times.
Contestants agree to follow general instructions from the Northland Regional Council, MoF, the Department of Conservation, Whangarei District Council and Whangarei Volunteer Coastguard during the competition.


OUT OF BOUNDS: For our security and your safety, please respect No Admittance signs and out of bound areas which are clearly marked.

NO TRESPASSING: contestants trespassing on private land will be disqualified.

We are concerned for the environment so please act to conserve the beauty of Bream Bay. NO FIRES, DO NOT FELL TREES AND RESPECT

HISTORIC SITES: Avoid using on-board toilets (unless you have a holding tank) within the Whangarei Harbour. Please use the toilets provided ashore. Urinating over the side of a vessel within the harbour will not be accepted.

WATER: Please do not waste water. We maintain a firewater reserve which will limit the peak demand.

RUBBISH: Do not litter. Dumpster bins are provided for your use during the competition days.

BELONGINGS: Please store and secure all your belongings, particularly in the campground, responsibly. The event organisers and Marsden Cove Marina take no responsibility for lost or stolen items


The Century Batteries Beach and Boat Fishing Competition does not want you to drink and drive. Local schools (fundraising) will provide shuttle and pro-drive services so you have no excuse. Charges are very reasonable. To pre-book please see the Event Office or a security guard


The Whangarei Volunteer Coastguard have provided channel VHF 16 for distress calls. Trip reports and broad range talk is VHF 05. General talk from boat to boat is VHF 06 or 08. Competition organiser's strongly recommend that all vessels carry a VHF radio or mobile phone.


  1. Our official competition boat ramp is at Marsden Cove Marina (see Map C) which has 4m deep low tide launching. There are ample parking facilities.
  2. There are other boat ramps in the near vicinity as marked on Map C and many more in the northern boundaries.


If there is an emergency alert the nearest Century Batteries Beach & Boat staff member for assistance, or if at sea alert Coastguard on VHF Channel 16, or follow normal emergency procedures for at sea. On site at the event location there is a first aid kit available in the office and at the bar inside the marquee if required.


  1. The organisers reserve the right to change or amend the competition at any stage, subject to advice from its legal or technical advisers, recommendation from the Maritime authorities or in the interests of public safety.
  2. Neither the competition organiser, nor any director, official, contractor or employee of the competition organiser shall have any liability in connection with the competition for any damage caused to any vehicle, boat or other property, or loss of property or personal injury or damage of whatever nature or kind howsoever caused. No refunds will be given.